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A passion for great Brand and Customer Experiences.
Delivered through masterful storytelling.

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PPT Solutions Announces Corporate Rebrand

Your brand and customer experience is everything. Learn how Muse developed a differentiating experience that mirrored PPT Solution’s unique client-centric culture.

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KIG Announces New and Enhanced Brand Identity

Standing out in financial services is a challenge. Learn how Muse transformed KIG’s brand identity and provides everyday marketing solutions.

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Horizon Solar Power Unveils Major Rebrand

Marketing in the crowded solar market requires a dynamic brand. Learn how Muse energized Horizon’s brand identity and consumer marketing.

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We craft inspirational and passionate brand and customer experiences.

Through a perfect blend of creative artistry and marketing science,
we create experiences that connect, inspire and produce results.

Brand Exploration

Creating a truly memorable brand is much more than a great logo. We can help you determine your authentic brand vision and establish a foundation for externalizing your values. Executed with a focus on creating a strategy that produces results.

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Archetypal Brand Discovery

Defining your organization’s archetype is a critical component to guiding brand development and connecting with your target audience. Through our archetype methodology and approach, we can help in identifying your true corporate identity and leveraging it as a source of differentiation in today’s muddled marketplace.

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Brand Development

Developing your brand is our sweet spot. After clearly understanding your brand, we help in shaping your true authentic identity and attending to every small detail with one goal in mind – inspiring great brand experience and better results.

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Brand Audit/Journey Mapping

Consistency is key. It’s critical all your marketing is working in unison to drive your brand engagement. Through our multi-channel mapping methodology, we can help in establishing a seamless and truly inspirational customer journey.

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Brand Management & Marketing Implementation

Growing your brand is our passion. Whether creating a new brand or redesigning an existing brand, we can build and manage it so it stands out in every channel, at every experience. Ensuring your marketing is getting the ROI you expect and deserve.

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