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Our Work: Delaware State University


Variable Campaign
Direct Mail + Email Blasts + PURL Site

Challenge: With over 9,000 colleges and universities in the United States, competition is fierce amongst schools to increase their admissions numbers. For differentiation in the muddled education market, schools are being forced to enhance their marketing strategies to align with student channel preferences and behaviors. Successful institutions are recognizing the need to be more creative and communicate in way that differentiates their identity from their competitors. Delaware State University challenged Muse to develop and execute a strategy that would make their admissions communications and value proposition stand out from the rest.

Solution: Muse leveraged its extensive student marketing experience to develop a unique one-to-one, experiential-based and integrated marketing campaign. The multi-channel strategy included traditional and non traditional tactics ranging from letters, emails blasts, self mailers and customized student personal URL (PURL) microsites. Each of the tactics utilized variable components based upon the student’s profile information and PURL microsite engagement. The interactive student experience ignited an unprecedented student response and boosted the university’s admission’s rate.

Solutions Provided:

  • Variable Letter
  • Standard Email Blasts
  • Variable Email Blasts
  • Variable Viewbook Mailing
  • Variable Self-Mailers
  • PURL Micro Site