Every brand has a story. Let us tell yours. 

In today’s commoditized marketplace, consumers are more overwhelmed than ever by endless choices. As digital multitaskers, they navigate a myriad of devices and diversions – all of which your marketing is competing for attention. With the emergence of social media and an ever-shifting digital landscape, finding a source of differentiation can make or break your business. A genuine, engaging and dynamic story, whether supporting an integrated campaign or defining your very own brand story, can help you uniquely connect with your customers and prospects.

That’s where we can help.

With over 60 years of marketing experience and a portfolio that includes both global brands and small businesses, we’re not your traditional agency. We believe in the power of partnership and personal connections. It begins with our Partner promise and a passion for developing brands and creative solutions that inspire customers and drive results. A passion that extends to masterful storytelling deeply rooted in both creative artistry and marketing science. Delivered with the personal attention of a boutique agency but with large agency value.

As your partner, we believe your success is our success. And we like to win.

Brian Fallers

Marketing + Brand Strategy

“Every brand has a passion that fuels their success. We’re no different except it’s your brand that drives our excitement and thirst – to help you tell your story, connect with your audience and live your brand promise. All the while collaborating and enjoying the journey.”

As Muse’s lead marketing consultant and brand strategist, Brian oversees client brand strategy, marketing and communications. He’s responsible for ensuring our Partners receive integrated, differentiating brand solutions customized to their unique marketing challenges. With over 20 years of creating dynamic brands and developing groundbreaking and successful marketing strategies, Brian has extensive experience in the education, financial services and customer experience verticals. His introduction of one-to-one, experiential marketing in the credit card marketplace set a new standard in the card services industry, winning Benny and Hermes Awards for his work. Over his career, he has been a key contributor in the financial growth and brand success of several of the most influential companies across the world.

Alicia DeCaro

Design + Creative

“Your brand has a personality that needs to be conveyed. It’s what makes you different from the rest and enables you to succeed where others have faulted. Partnering with you and seeing your achievements based on what we’ve created together is what I live for … it’s what makes Muse stand out.”

Alicia DeCaro is Muse’s executive creative and design director. She manages creative and brand development and is responsible for ensuring Partners receive integrated brand collateral that is customized to their market and uniquely meets their business needs. Alicia brings over 20 years of experience in the gaming, education and customer experience verticals with distinction building dynamic brands and designing results-driven marketing communications. Throughout her career, she has successfully developed innovative design, creative and brand solutions for leading companies across the globe and her design artistry can be seen among the world’s largest brands.